Hi! Just an update on Mavericks Tweaks!

Right now, I have no ETA for Mavericks Tweaks. Thanks for all the e-mails regarding the release, I haven’t been able to answer them all…

Here are some reasons why the release will not happen in the near future:

  • As you may have heard, my mac was stolen. As this wasn’t enough: my backup of the system was corrupted, and until this date I have not been able to restore my files. Therefore the development WILL take a lot longer time.
  • I’m a fresh university-student, and most of my time is spent studying at the moment.
  • Apple has made it harder. With the release of 10.9, Apple has taken some steps making it harder for me to tweak certain parts of the system. I can’t restore the old (and by some – ugly -) interface of the Calendar and Adress Book apps. And for the new coloured “dots”-labels, I can’t imagine a way for me to change this back to the old 10.8 labels. The system just don’t allow me. But I’m always trying new ways to bypass this … when I have time.

That’s why I have no ETA for you at the moment.


I would like to remind you guys that Mountain Tweaks still works great with Mavericks! :-)